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  1. Electric Guitar
    Hi, I am looking at strat guitars recently , I see prices for suhr are a bit higher than US prices, after currency conversion, before tax. What’s the main cause of this? Shipping or import tax? Sad to see we need to pay around 600 CAD more on a 3300 USD standard plus.
  2. Electric Guitar
    Hey there, I'd like to know how much this guitar is worth... and why. /Squire Strat 20th anniversary. Thanks for your help dxtrsnstr
  3. Electric Guitar
    Someone who's not too knowledgeable with pricing guitars here looking for some advice. I got this one new over 5 years ago when I was taking lessons but never really got the hang of it. The guitar itself is very lightly used and is in perfect shape. Looking to sell it but wanted opinions from...
1-3 of 3 Results