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  1. Amps, Cabs and Speakers
    Killer Plexi tones in a hand wired combo package. 2nd owner, never gigged. Purchased originally from Cosmo Music. In great shape, all original. Master volume is the best I’ve played, allows for legendary tones at any volume. Selling as I picked up a Matchless HC-15 from @fogdart I’m enjoying...
    $3,000 CAD
  2. Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    Carl Martin produces some very solid pedals, in that they sound good, are easy to operate and deliver what’s promised. The PlexiRanger is no exception, as it combines Carl Martin’s classic Plexi in a box, together with a treble booster, both of which can be operated independently or together...
  3. Sold Items
    Essentially new Morris 69/70 , this one was upgraded to a full 100W. Not a mark or scratch Avoid the 12-16 week wait.... $2600 OBO
  4. Sold Items
    Hey all, thinking about picking up a Morgan Mvp23 or something in that vein (18w Marshall with good attenuator - Kingsley Paraplex?). Anyway, let me know if you have something like that you're looking to move. Thanks!
  5. Sold Items
    Here’s a monster of an amp! This is a plexi style killer! 50 watts of tone that’s tameable with it master volume! This amp has an effects loop which works fantastically! Looking for 2500 shipped or trades on other Marshall style amps or other guitars or gear, let me know what you’ve got!
  6. Amps, Cabs and Speakers
    Amazing plexi/jcm800 style amplifier. Victory amps are renowned around the world, played by some of the best guitarists around. In new condition. This amp features two EL 34 power tubes, and 4 12ax7 preamp tubes. Two footswitchable channels, effects loop that can be switched in an out of the...
  7. Sold Items
    $2K Or Looking for Trades Guitars, MIJ, Dumble Style gear, pedals etc. Acoustics, LP's Tele's Combo Amps, Recording Gear Replica Guitars Marshall JTM 45 Small Box Head Hand Wired Point To Point By Craig Ferguson Marshall JTM45 handwired with Master Volume This is a custom build by Craig...
  8. Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    SOUND: I’ve worked with a number of Plexi-based pedals and find the Meta Plexi to have the best sound and the greatest diversity when working with various amps (including pushing the Gain on the pedal with a clean amp or adding a bit of Gain to an already dirty amp). I used the Meta Plexi with...
  9. The Band Lounge (Members Wanted, Performance Vids)
    We are back at the SPOT for ROKK! 4408 17 Ave SE, Calgary It will be a non stop rokk and roll party! I'll be brining a couple of Wolfgangs and maybe my new Marshall 2525C! Silver Jubilee 1x12 combo! I got options... could bring my 69 Marshall JMP "Plexi"or my trust and devastating ReVv...
1-9 of 9 Results