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  1. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Hey guys, looking at rolling a few different set of p90s through my new murphy lab R4. Anyone have experience with Wolfetone,Tyson Tone, Ron Ellis or Lollar? Any other suggestions? Any ideas on where to find a vintage set? Cheers, Ryan
  2. $0 CAD
  3. Guitar Parts
    Gibson Super 57 & Gibson 57Classic.
    $200 CAD
  4. Guitar Parts
    Hey Everyone, I am looking to buy some tele pickups. Ideally something in a 50's style. Would be interested in a set of Fender CS Nocasters (would pay $200 including shipping) or the 52 or 58 Original Vintage (would pay $125 shipped). If you have something boutique-y in that style your looking...
    $150 CAD
  5. Guitar Parts
    Edit I am going to update the photo, but I found the Chrome rings and screws for these. $125 shipped. I am located in Orangeville if anyone wanted to do pickup. I make my way over to Guelph on weekends as well, and I'd meet someone partway if they were coming from Toronto or from the East of...
    $125 CAD
  6. Guitar Parts
    I am selling a loaded pickguard assembly for a Strat. Includes: B/W/B pickguard (I'm not sure if it is a Genuine Fender pickguard or not. It is from the '90's and was previously installed on a 90's Fender Strat Plus with all 11 holes in the pickguard lining up with the existing holes in the...
    $125 CAD
  7. Guitar Parts
    Price in CAD. Shipping not included in price. Bareknuckle Supermassive HB-size P90: chrome - $150
  8. Sold Items
    Abigail Ybarra 'abby' signed Hand Wound Stratocaster Pickups. This is a 'Red Hot' set that came out of a 2012 Fender Custom Shop Closet Classic Stratocaster Pro Legendary Fender Custom Shop winder Abigail Ybarra was personally hired by Leo Fender in 1956. Her hand-wound creations have been...
  9. Guitar Parts
    Lindy Fralin Analogman Jim Weider Big-T telecaster neck and bridge pickups Left Handed This is a left handed set of matching Big-T bridge and Big-T neck pickups. The bridge pickup has a sweetness to it and the neck can get a warm hollow body sound with the tone rolled off. The analogman...
  10. Guitar Parts
    Took $385 Canadian to get these over. No noise P90's. And they sound really good. 1 owner. Full length leads. Info below $225.00 + Shipping Mojotone Hot Quiet Coil P-90 Soapbar Pickup (Noiseless) The Hot P-90 Quiet Coil was designed for players who need a more powerful P-90 to hit the front end...
  11. Electric Guitar
    Hi: I want to put some better pickups on the new LTD EC-256 that I just bought. I want to take advantage of a Carvin M22SD pickup that I put in my first guitar 20 years ago. This is a High Output humbucker pickup. My question is: what pickup do I put in the neck that keeps a coherence of sound...
  12. Guitar Parts
    Up for grabs is a set of custombuckers that we’re taken out of a custom shop R9! They sound great and have plenty of lead wire left on them! $500 emt shipped
  13. Guitar Parts
    Hey! I have a 90s Japanese 335 that came with really hot humbuckers (16K!) and I'd love to look for a set of lower output PAFs for it so that I can get some more clarity, especially cause I play without a pic. I love the guitar but it's not an especially expensive instrument, so I don't wanna...
  14. Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    So I was on a bit of a strat pickup journey and I tried out McNelly Triple Scoop Pickups and honestly, that was pretty much the end of it. They're really articulate, bright and not harsh. So I made a little video for anyone interested in McNelly Pickups :) And here's something I did using...
  15. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    So I have a pretty intense love affair with Lollar's CC for Tele neck PU. I first put one in the neck of an anchor-heavy Classic Vibe tele. (Which was the best sounding of them all but I couldn't stop myself from messing with it until it wasn't. :0 ) But I also had an equally hard time...
  16. Electric Guitar
    Hey! So I've been looking around to see if I can find low Output/underwound strat pickups (SSS). Would anyone know either some off-the-shelf pickups ot local builder in Toronto who has these available? I'm looking for all pickups to have an output between 5.5K-5.8K. Thanks!
  17. Electric Guitar
    Hey everyone, I’m trying to find where in Canada I can order a set of tall and short tapered pickup rings for my LTD-M400. The guitar came equipped with EMGs but to purchase the rings from EMG is about $30 in shipping. Just looking to see if anyone has any recommendations! Thanks
  18. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    I have a Epiphone SG-Pro, love the guitar but I'm not a huge fan of the humbuckers it has on it from factory. I understand this is a very open ended question but, anyone have suggestions for pickups? I'm fairly familiar with Dimarzio and was thinking Super distortion bridge and Liquifire neck...
1-19 of 33 Results