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  1. FS: Gigrig G2 V2

    Effects Pedals, Racks etc
    This is the latest version with soft press optical switches! Comes with box! $1350 emt shipped
  2. FS: Line 6 Helix LT with Case

    Effects Pedals, Racks etc
    New condition - still has the plastic on the screen. Comes with some purchased presets and IRs. Loaded with firmware version 2.80. Comes with Barefoot Buttons for the bank switches and a Gator soft case. No trade offers please. $1250+ shipping Located in Halifax
  3. Which simple delay pedal to get?

    Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    If you could buy one delay pedal with the requirement that it has to be fairly straightforward to use (no crazy Strymon computers) and needs to cost $200 or less... is there any reason not to go with a Carbon Copy? I've never used one in person and it's hard to hear the differences between...
  4. Looper/ Switcher suggestions

    Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    I'm looking for fairly simple looper/switcher with around 4-6 loops. I'll mostly be using this with simple presets like swtiching one overdrive off and switching the other one on, using one drive with a vibe, using a compressor with a boost etc. Something that isn't longer than 18"ish and...
  5. Walrus Audio Monument Tremolo V2

    Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    Thinking of getting this when it comes to Canada some time next week. I love harmonic Tremolo and I love how that mode sounds in the monument. I also like that there's a tap tempo built in, in case you need it and that it's got just the right amount of controls for me. Like I'm definitely not...
  6. Ellman Tone Fox Overdrive - Demo (Fantastic OD pedal made in Canada)

    Electric Guitar
    Hey friends! Just wanted to share with you all this demo video that I made of the Fox Overdrive from Ellman Tone. Ellman Tone is an independent pedal builder out of Markham, he hand-builds some fantastic pedals including the overdrive that I've got here today. Be sure to check him out on...
  7. pedalSHIELD MEGA Arduino Pedal

    Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    Yikes, it sounds horrible in the demo vid, but what a concept... ElectroSmash - pedalSHIELD MEGA Arduino Guitar Pedal.
  8. Vintage mxr stereo chorus guts?

    Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    So i have this old mxr stereo chorus i opened up the other day and noticed a couple things i didnt know were in there. Anybody give me the low down?
  9. Recommendations for unbalanced cables

    Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    Hey there from Saskatchewan! So I've been looking at making some pancake patch cables for my new pedalboard. Now I'm wondering, what do you guys recommend for making those cables? I was looking at buying some Mogami cable, but my boss (I work for a lighting/audio/DJ company) has a bunch of...
  10. Snazzy Fonts on Vintage Guitar Pedals

    Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    Snazzy Fonts on Vintage Guitar Pedals Yes another Reverb article. I have seen most of these--some cool looks there. And some memories.
  11. NPD

    Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    One pedal I've wanted for some time, but either had other things I wanted more (Or other stuff come up)--is an octave &/or pitch type pedal. I've tried a lot of them out over the years--but for a variety of reasons never found the right one--although some were quite good at some things--the...
  12. Pedal Recommendations

    Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    I have a Strat and a VOX AC4 amp. The amp only has gain, treble, bass and volume so it's pretty clean. I'd like an effects pedal but know very little about this stuff. I have a DigiTech RP 150 but I find it complicated and frankly it doesn't sound all that great to my ears. I'd like to be...
  13. Strymon's new Dirt Pedal the Riverside

    Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    Strymon, perhaps best known for time-based effects like delay and reverb have just released a dirt pedal. I'm posting this even before I've had a chance to listen to the demo.
  14. The BugBoard. A Well Designed, Budget Priced Pedalboard. Made in Canada

    Dealer Emporium
    Introducing the BugBoard. A Canadian made alternative to "everybody else". Check it out at The Bugboard is a full featured budget pedal board made from incredibly tough laser cut Baltic Birch plywood. All the pieces lock together, and there is no glue and no fasteners used in the...
  15. The Life & Death of Noise Supply, Or: How I Learned to Say Goodbye and Give You Discounts

    Dealer Emporium
    Hey folks, The Coles Notes is this: we are closing the online store at the end of the month. But this also means discount codes to clear out inventory. If you have a question about why Noise Supply is closing, who the heck Noise Supply even is, or just want to reminisce in all that is/was...
  16. Acoustic guitar simulator

    Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    Anyone ever used one that actually sounds like an acoustic guitar?
  17. RED SCORPION MEGA DISTORTION in action demo - Aleks K Production

    Dealer Emporium
    Check out the Red Scorpion Mega Distortion in action demo video! As all our pedals, the Red Scorpion is all hand-built by Aleks using best quality components from Canada, USA, Germany and Japan only! This pedal is the latest addition to our line of products. The Red Scorpion is a high gain...
  18. New Pedal from Aleks K Production - Red Scorpion Mega Distortion

    Dealer Emporium
    We are proud to announce that Red Scorpion Mega Distortion is on the market now! The Red Scorpion is a high gain distortion that features a mega powerful tone and high versatility. As always, this pedal is hand built using top quality components from USA, Japan, Germany and Canada only! Check...