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    I got this recently but prefer a tele with a shorter 24 3/4" scale. Here are the details: -lightweight pine body made by Nieman Guitars (black stain and two thin coats of poly to seal it) -Solo neck, so probably made in China. Rosewood board with a medium C? neck. Full but not baseball bat full...
  2. Electric Guitar
    00000-PORTRAIT-00000-BURST20190803181717975 -Headstock 00100l-PORTRAIT-00100-BURST20190803181712400-COVER - Body 1 00000-PORTRAIT-00000-BURST20190803181705882 - Body 2 IMG-20190803-181637 - Full guitar 1 IMG-20190803-181632 - Full guitar 2 00000-PORTRAIT-00000-BURST20190803181552580 - back...
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    And it feels, looks and sounds glorious 2018-09-19 Tele assembled - phototraveldiary Before stringing and setup: and after stringing and initial setup. (I put 9-42 but it seems it would like 10-46)
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    One I built and still use all the time.
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    Going to put me together a strat. project will probably commence in the next few weeks. Will do a pictorial as we move along. Here is what I am going to put together Build List - Premium American Swamp Ash Body with a Mary Kay finish - Musikraft Flame Maple Neck - Creme Perloid pickguard -...