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  1. WTB: Cool guitar with p90('s) like an LP or SG junior or special!!!

    Looking for something cool with one or more p90's. It's a flavour of guitar I've never really experienced and would love to try! I've play les paul and sg juniors and specials which I absolutely love, so something like that, maybe in a cool colour would be awesome! Looking to spend $1200 or...
  2. P90 in a humbucker - suggestions??

    Electric Guitar
    Thinking of changing the bridge pickup in my Eastman El Rey. The neck had a really nice coil tapped humbucker, think I'd like the big single coil sound at the bridge. What have you tried, what do you like?
  3. P90 Humbucker Recommendations

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Hey guys... got another Agile LP this past weekend. Not quite as good as my first one, but also not yet been set up properly. I was debating between sounds... Slash's pickups, vs what Tom Scholz (Boston) has, and now I can do both. :D I know Scholz uses a Dimarzio Super Distortion for lead...
  4. P90 and Humbucker p'ups

    Electric Guitar
    I'm thinking of making my own guitar, and I decided on using a p90 hum bucker setup. If I were to use that setup, which pickup should I put where. It should also be noted the pickups are an SD phat cat and the Fernandez sustainer humbucker style
  5. Best pickup combination: P90, Single Coil or Humbucker

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Hi there, I'm making a guitar and I was wondering what type of pickups/pickup combinations I should use. I'm fairly new to guitar pickups and I was wondering which combination would be best for me. I play a lot of rock, punk, grunge and occasionally metal and blues and I'm really looking for...
  6. Godin Core locking tuners

    Electric Guitar
    Hi to everyone, I have a Core P90 old style and am looking for locking tuners anyone know which brand and model will work? I live overseas so will probably buy on Amazon, Reverb etc. Thanks
  7. There's something wrong with my Kent Armstrong Convertible P90 bridge pickup - and it sounds awesome

    Electric Guitar
    I recently decided to swap out the stock humbuckers in my Korean Tokai Love Rock with some humbucker-sized P90's. I ordered a set of cream coloured Kent Armstrong (KA) Convertible P90's and a set a BG-Pups Pure 90's in Black/Chrome. I figured I'd try'em both out, and hold onto or sell the ones I...
  8. Need Help P90 pickup question

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Hey everyone, I have an old neck through double cut that I'd like to mod. I want to set it up similar to Steve Hill's JPJ. (If I have room to fit in an off-centre p/u.) It currently has humbuckers which I'm planning on switching out to P90's. Because of the low string clearance, I assume they...