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  2. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Hey guys, looking at rolling a few different set of p90s through my new murphy lab R4. Anyone have experience with Wolfetone,Tyson Tone, Ron Ellis or Lollar? Any other suggestions? Any ideas on where to find a vintage set? Cheers, Ryan
  3. Sold Items
    Up for sale is my 2015 ES-390 full hollow body (14” across) with P90’s and subtly figured top and back. The guitar has a really nice medium full neck profile with a rich, dark rosewood fretboard and plays wonderfully; currently set up with a set of .011’s. I believe I am the 3rd owner, and the...
    $3,150 CAD
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    Delete, thanks GC.
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  5. Sold Items
    I purchased this from a forum member back in September and I quite like it. I still feel like it is a lot of guitar for the dollar, too. However, I just had to replace tires on my wife's car... You know: "last one in" and all that. It is a 2015 model and comes with a generic Yorkville hard...
  6. Sold Items
    Made in 1999, all original except the shielding of the pickups cavities. With OHSC and trem bar. Couple of really small dings. Got it from JeremyP here on the forum in 2020. Less than 3 hours of use in my studio... Sounds really big and loud! Sold
  7. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Hi there, I got a Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin II P90 which I like to keep but swap the neck pickup with a floating pickup that sounds mellower on high notes. I like that kind of mellow tone for jazz and I bought this guitar for that reason primarily. Since it is an archtop, the pickup could be...
  8. Electric Guitar
    Hi there, Any Godin Core CT P90 user? I have a couple of questions. 1- why in middle position, if I drop the volume of either bridge or neck (unless I drop a lot) the volume of middle selector drops dramatically. Overall seem I’m having a lot of something like a lot of phase cancellation. Is...
  9. Guitar Parts
    Took $385 Canadian to get these over. No noise P90's. And they sound really good. 1 owner. Full length leads. Info below $225.00 + Shipping Mojotone Hot Quiet Coil P-90 Soapbar Pickup (Noiseless) The Hot P-90 Quiet Coil was designed for players who need a more powerful P-90 to hit the front end...
  10. Electric Guitar
    Picked this up yesterday and love it! Super comfortable to play and sounds amazing. Love the neck carve and overall feel, so addictive, and the pickups are killer. Very light, weight-wise. Was looking for something different and this brings together a lot of things I like in an interesting...
  11. Electric Guitars
    I've had it for 11 months now, really not much playing wear, pickguard mainly. No chipped paint. I did the back of the neck with Scotch Brite to get a nice smooth satin feel. I do it to all my guitars. I can repolish it to a gloss if necessary. The case has a few small nicks here and there.
  12. Electric Guitar
    This is my 2016 SG with P90s. It’s my only p90 guitar. I was doing a set up of the guitar tonight and I never really realized how deep angle of the P 90s are (you can see in the photo). I never touched these this is how it was from the shop. Is this normal?
  13. Electric Guitars
    Looking for something cool with one or more p90's. It's a flavour of guitar I've never really experienced and would love to try! I've play les paul and sg juniors and specials which I absolutely love, so something like that, maybe in a cool colour would be awesome! Looking to spend $1200 or...
  14. Electric Guitar
    Thinking of changing the bridge pickup in my Eastman El Rey. The neck had a really nice coil tapped humbucker, think I'd like the big single coil sound at the bridge. What have you tried, what do you like?
  15. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Hey guys... got another Agile LP this past weekend. Not quite as good as my first one, but also not yet been set up properly. I was debating between sounds... Slash's pickups, vs what Tom Scholz (Boston) has, and now I can do both. :D I know Scholz uses a Dimarzio Super Distortion for lead...
  16. Electric Guitar
    I'm thinking of making my own guitar, and I decided on using a p90 hum bucker setup. If I were to use that setup, which pickup should I put where. It should also be noted the pickups are an SD phat cat and the Fernandez sustainer humbucker style
  17. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Hi there, I'm making a guitar and I was wondering what type of pickups/pickup combinations I should use. I'm fairly new to guitar pickups and I was wondering which combination would be best for me. I play a lot of rock, punk, grunge and occasionally metal and blues and I'm really looking for...
  18. Electric Guitar
    Hi to everyone, I have a Core P90 old style and am looking for locking tuners anyone know which brand and model will work? I live overseas so will probably buy on Amazon, Reverb etc. Thanks
  19. Electric Guitar
    I recently decided to swap out the stock humbuckers in my Korean Tokai Love Rock with some humbucker-sized P90's. I ordered a set of cream coloured Kent Armstrong (KA) Convertible P90's and a set a BG-Pups Pure 90's in Black/Chrome. I figured I'd try'em both out, and hold onto or sell the ones I...
  20. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Hey everyone, I have an old neck through double cut that I'd like to mod. I want to set it up similar to Steve Hill's JPJ. (If I have room to fit in an off-centre p/u.) It currently has humbuckers which I'm planning on switching out to P90's. Because of the low string clearance, I assume they...
1-20 of 20 Results