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  1. Sold Items
    Looking to sell these 3 pedals. All come with their boxes and are in perfect working order. There’s Velcro on the Volante, the other two are clean. Prices include shipping Strymon Volante - SOLD Electronic Audio Experiments Halberd - $ 280 Beetronics Royal Jelly - SOLD
    $1 CAD
  2. Sold Items
    A more compact version of the beloved Cornerstone Gladio! The original Cornestone Gladio, a two-channel Dumble-style overdrive pedal, took the guitar community by storm in 2020. The Gladio SC (single channel) is designed to offer the same sound as its big brother, but in a smaller, more...
    $123 CAD
  3. Sold Items
    Played once (arrived Jan 25). I have to stop trying to be a TS guy. Import fees paid. All as new including swag - jewellery box type packaging, documentation, etc. Price includes shipping.
    $750 CAD
  4. Sold Items
    Selling as a collection and priced to sell. Brand new condition; under one hour of use. All documentation and original packaging included. Price includes shipping. I’m open to reasonable offers. Tx.
    $400 CAD
  5. Sold Items
    I’ve decided to purge most of my gear in anticipation for a new guitar and amp set up. Prices include shipping and are in excellent shape. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for looking!! Mantic Proverb reverb. No box or extras. Has a small nick on the mix knob from the previous...
    $200 CAD
  6. Sold Items
    Excellent condition. Comes with box and papers. No Velcro.
    $123 CAD
  7. Sold Items
    Excellent Condition, comes with box and papers. No Velcro. Building on the legendary design of one of the most-used transparent overdrives in history, the Fulltone OCD V2 Overdrive bolsters the amp-like roar and rich harmonics of the original with a new buffer, input section, and enhanced...
    $123 CAD
  8. Sold Items
    Looking to purchase a KOT in excellent/mint condition with box and paperwork, etc.
  9. Sold Items
    Here's some Fuzz. If you want more pics let me know. All priced include Shipping in Canada, EMT or Paypal but you pay the fees. EH early Triangle Knob Muff in super condition. It's all there. I just took the screws off to photograph and left them aside to make sure they didn't get too much...
    $101,101 CAD
  10. Sold Items
    Strymon Riverside Multistage Drive in excellent condition. $275 plus actual shipping via Canada Post. I'm in St. Thomas, Ontario (20 minutes or so south of London).
    $275 CAD
1-10 of 10 Results