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  1. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Looking for a 22 fret tele neck (maybe without an overhang). My budget is around 300~ and looking for ss frets maybe? + someone that could make unfinished/finished bodies. I made plans on CAD— including routes and trem, etc.— if that is of any help. (90% of the project I planned out). Budget...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Black Ash grows in our area. When I was little I used to watch my grandmothers cousin pound Black Ash into strips and then made these amazing baskets. I thought they were little works of art when I was knee high. It’s very nice to meet everyone. My name is Brian. My father was Ojibwe (rip) and...
  3. The Band Lounge (Members Wanted, Performance Vids)
  4. Music
    For all of you in Ontario who would like to see Sparrows play, chances are one of these shows is coming to a city near you! I hope to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones. We're very excited to be doing this with label mates Heavy Hearts and Life In Vaccuum! If you are the social...
  5. Amps and Cabs
    Hello fellow humans , I just brought home a " Vibration Technology Ltd. 4M 140 Serial # 1252 ' amplifier. I have yet to find any useful information on this product other than it was manufactured in Scarborough, Ontario and that the company is no longer in business. Could somebody please help me...
1-5 of 5 Results