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  1. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Been wanting to work with stains and oils for a while and now got 2 bodies that I plan to oil. Saw some videos of Danish, and Linseed, etc... Tung Oil caught my eye for some reason. Went to grab some the other day, and Circa 1850 had some, but too big... the smaller container was Tung & Teak...
  2. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Been looking around online for some better ways to clean/oil frets than buying stuff from the music shop, or awful smelling lemon oil. Just wondering what old-school and hardware store favs are out there that may be a better option, and not petroleum based like mineral oil. Also seen posted...
  3. Electric Guitar
    I have heard or have been told many methods and materials to use over the years to oil and care for fretboards. Let's here from the experts on what is the best oil/material and method for caring for fretboards.
1-3 of 3 Results