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  1. Electric Guitar
    Hey guys, I have a 2009 Fender Stratocaster HSS Deluxe. Years ago, I swapped the bridge pickup (Fender DH-1) out for a Seymour Duncan TB-4 (JB) with great results. Now, I'm interested in changing out the noiseless single coil pickups for somethings that'll get me closer to that quintessential...
  2. Guitar Parts
    Took $385 Canadian to get these over. No noise P90's. And they sound really good. 1 owner. Full length leads. Info below $225.00 + Shipping Mojotone Hot Quiet Coil P-90 Soapbar Pickup (Noiseless) The Hot P-90 Quiet Coil was designed for players who need a more powerful P-90 to hit the front end...
  3. Guitar Parts
    Looking to sell a lightly used Fender Vintage Noiseless bridge single coil pickup (part #053336) in white colour. Price is CAD $40 cash or Email Money Transfer/EMT. I am not interested in trades at this time. Local pickup in the Kingston, Ontario area. I am also in Toronto frequently and...
1-3 of 3 Results