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  1. Minwax Spray Lacquer

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Painting a guitar later this month, just a Frankenstein type deal. Wanted to use the Minwax Clear Spray Lacquer because a nitro and never used it before, and I swear it was around here last year, now I can't find it. Home Hardware doesn't list it, neither does Canadian Tire or Lowes, and Home...
  2. clarance white fender telecaster project nitro body

    Electric Guitar
    Hi I’m looking to build a b-bender tele similar to Clarance Whites 3 tone sunburst model. I’d like to purchase a nitro tele body and am going to install a Warmoth boatneck. Ive always liked fender American bodies, but does anyone have experience with MJT (light relic) guitar bodies or any...
  3. Amber Tinted Clear Coat - Rattlecan

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    I have a project guitar, basic made in China Squier, that I want to strip down and upgrade, give it a vintage (not relic) look. Basically how it would look after 50yrs if it were kept in good shape... I don't plan to srape, sand and 'relic' the paint or anything, though I may dull up a chrome a...