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  1. NGD: 2020 Capsule Custom

    Electric Guitar
    Or as I like to call it, @Adcandour not shutting up about their quality and a jazzmaster build coming up for sale with nice specs. Arriving in time for the weekend is a win in my book! I really enjoyed my time with the Fender American Professional this is replacing, and it's going to a good home...
  2. NGD: Helix LT

    Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    Picked this up via Kijiji last night. Only had an hour with it through my Mustang 1 (I know) but it definitely has capabilities. Manual is open in my browser until I dont need it haha. We'll see how it goes! My brother sent me a setlist to play with, and I'll be bothering @hollowbody a bit too...
  3. NGD - Art & Lutherie Folk Cedar

    Acoustic Guitar
    Yesterday actually. It took a day to get this into playable condition - 8 years of neglect evidently. Everything is in order. Awesome resonance. Thanks to @laristotle 's sharp eye
  4. NGD! Custom Black over Sunburst Stratocaster

    Electric Guitar
    00000-PORTRAIT-00000-BURST20190803181717975 -Headstock 00100l-PORTRAIT-00100-BURST20190803181712400-COVER - Body 1 00000-PORTRAIT-00000-BURST20190803181705882 - Body 2 IMG-20190803-181637 - Full guitar 1 IMG-20190803-181632 - Full guitar 2 00000-PORTRAIT-00000-BURST20190803181552580 - back...
  5. NGD! Jimi Hendrix Monterey Stratocaster (MIM)

    Electric Guitar
    Images: IMG-20190416-180646-262 IMG-20190416-180646-261 00000-IMG-00000-BURST20190416175424495-COVER 00100l-PORTRAIT-00100-BURST20190416175421431-COVER After a little bit of thinking about it, especially cause I have a Daniel Hano custom strat coming in a month or so, I decided to go with what...
  6. NGD: whole lotta fender

    Electric Guitar
    Two 2018 fender player series HSS strats for the next album cycle. Gonna JB them both and get out there. May try and turn those into 2-knob pickguards... black PG may be overkill with the maple board but that's future musings. If you're surprised by this, we are a Fender band again ;) (the S2...
  7. Hello World!

    For New Users
    Hello Folks This is Apixamonkey based in Toronto! Here is my unboxing of this beautiful semi-hollow guitar (T186MX) made by Eastman handcrafted in China (with lots of care) and what’s next - gonna prolly throw some pickups/hardwares upgrades pretty soon! Stay tuned for more
  8. NGD: Dave's Ayr tele body and Warmoth wenge strat neck

    Electric Guitar
    And it feels, looks and sounds glorious 2018-09-19 Tele assembled - phototraveldiary Before stringing and setup: and after stringing and initial setup. (I put 9-42 but it seems it would like 10-46)
  9. Belated NGD!

    Electric Guitar
    Recently, I was browsing the classifieds here on GC when I came across a group of extremely fine guitars being sold by our own @TCMfan. Curious, I clicked the listing and scrolled down... Ah, damn... I was greeted by this lovely lady, staring at me longingly from the depths of my screen. I...
  10. NGD: S2 content

    Electric Guitar
    So, this is my last PRS for a long time :P After about 4 months of waiting, my S2 Singlecut Standard Satin (S4?) has arrived. I took it out of the box at L&M yesterday after work, gave it a quick inspection and came home. This is the new touring second guitar, since I've realized that...
  11. NGD - Lucky Shirt Edition

    Electric Guitar
    My wife and I were in Toronto yesterday and I convinced that we should stop in at The 12th Fret. :) We (I) had been shopping for ideas for my birthday in April. She wisely decided to consult me as to what I really wanted in a guitar this time. (She got the idea to buy me a guitar for my...
  12. I think I might have a slight problem...

    Electric Guitar
    I keep finding PRS' that somehow manage to invade my house! MJF$# :D I picked up a '13 PRS 408 from Fred (Chitmo) yesterday on trade, and figured I'd post up a family pic. From left to right is my '07 PRS SC245, the 408, my '12 DGT (the #1) and my '08 DGT (with 57/08s installed). I'd get better...
  13. NGD: PRS Modern Eagle

    Electric Guitar
    Well, I got my first PRS: a 2011 SC 250 Modern Eagle. It came with everything (case candy, documentation, hang tags, etc.) but the best part is the suede case. I don't know why I waited so long. PS - Does anyone know what this colour is called? Thank you. PRS Modern Eagle by JethroTech...
  14. NGD... ish

    Electric Guitar
    NGD x3 (or... Will just wanted to fit in with the wicked new guitar day threads being posted lately). These are all guitars I've picked up in the last month or so, but haven't posted them on the forum: First up is an '08 PRS DGT in cherryburst. Since selling my '93 Custom 24, I had been...
  15. NGD bobkat oh yeah!!

    Electric Guitar
    I couldn't resist. Great price, sweet curves, great platform. Thinking I'll put HB's in there from Onamac windery,(Kerry Learned who just built 20 special order pickups for billy gibbons). What style of pickguard you think will work well with this finish? Supposedly it's the top of the line...