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  1. Music
    This was a surprise but here ya go! PREMIERE: Sparrows stream new LP, 'Let The Silence Stay Where It Was' | Substream Magazine Please please please order a copy too :D
  2. The Open Mic (Non Music Related)
    To this thread: ATTN: Sparrows Preorders are LIVE We need all the help we can get! Some cool packages, and if you're in Toronto you save shipping too. This preorder is a huge deal to us, as it very directly affects our touring moving forward. Thank you everyone!
  3. Music
    Friends! This is juicy news! The Sparrows LP "Let The Silence Stay Where It Was" is now available for preorder! Bitly for Physical: Sparrows Genius for Digital: I have to call all my friends and family again - all of our preorders count towards our first week sales...
  4. Music
    Link to song premiere: Song Premiere: Sparrows - "Three Four Two Five, Three Four Two Five" Out October 14th on New Damage Records. I am beyond ecstatic to share this material with everyone. We worked very hard and I feel this is the best thing I've ever been a part of.
1-4 of 4 Results