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  1. Amps and Cabs
    This. Magic. I want the 40 watt 6V6 Combo please.... Two Rock new Brookfield Drive Amp. NAMM 2018: Two Rock Introduces New Bloomfield Drive Tube Amps! “ Winter NAMM 2018 Coverage: Two Rock has unveiled the new Bloomfield Drive two channel tube amps! ........this Bloomfield Drive is the next...
  2. Electric Guitar
    In all the stuff going on over the holidays & feeling under the weather I forgot to check until today (Well I did check before it was posted as well--many times) But here are some fine oddities from the 2017 NAMM show--almost time for the 2018 show now... NAMM Oddities 2017 Worth a look--lots...
  3. Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    A collaboration between Chase Bliss and Resonant Audio Design: Two separate channels that can be stacked or mixed in parallel, both featuring an overdrive and fuzz, with Channel A featuring a JFET based boost and Channel B featuring an IC based boost. Includes 33 different savable routing...
  4. Amps and Cabs
    Dual channel design, two 6L6 power tubes, three 12AX7 and one ECC83 preamp tubes, a 12" Celestion model speaker and global reverb and presence knobs. This thing is the real deal:
  5. Electric Guitar
    So the Winter NAMM 2016 Best in Show was announced and one of the guitar related winners was the James Valentine Signature Guitar from Ernie Ball Music Man. The other was the Reverend Billy Corgan Signature Model. This video gives a bit more insight into what the judges were thinking. It...
  6. Electric Guitar
    Do you like offset guitars? Do you like Telecasters? Do you like your Teles to come from the official source? Then your blasphemous dreams have come true! Scroll down on this Reverb page to see some offset Telecasters from Fender announced at NAMM 2016.
1-7 of 7 Results