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  1. Electric Guitars
    Killer example of a 70s Stang', all original minus a small few screws that were switched out decades ago. Plays wonderfully and is currently set up with .11s, really great neck on this one and the pickups are on the hotter side for a mustang. Some wear here and there which is totally...
    $2,550 CAD
  2. Electric Guitars
    Just putting a feeler out there to see if anyone has anything they'd part with. I'm looking for a Mustang or Duo-Sonic. I'm particularly interested in the MIJ Mustang reissues (e.g., MG-65, MG-69), but if you have something else, I'm all ears. Thanks.
  3. Sold Items
    Hey guys I have a few guitars up for sale or trade or trade/cash ! Please send me a email if anyone is interested [email protected] I can send more photos and give more details about each guitar as there are some replaced parts on the junior ( bridge / tuners ) and a story with the...
  4. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Hi - I have a problem with my Mustang. I thought it was just the input jack, however, I am not entirely sure if it is and before I start messing around with it too much I want to ask some advice and see if I was correct. Here is a link to a YouTube video which shows there's a hum when anything...
  5. Electric Guitar
    Sorry for the clickbait title, I was just wondering what you guys thought of the Epiphone 1956 LP Pro Epiphone 1956 Les Paul Standard PRO as compared to the Fender Mustang 90 Fender Musical Instruments - Mustang 90, Rosewood Fingerboard - Olympic White. I've played the Mustang and absolutely...
  6. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    I'm building a guitar from stock fender parts and I decided that I wanted to put together a Mustang, I really like their shape and sound. Although I really like the Mustang, it's a short scale guitar and I don't think that the neck scale is right for me. Does anybody know how I can put a normal...
  7. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Hi there! I was wondering if anyone knew where to find a template for the Mustang 90. I've been looking everywhere and I just can't seem to find one. I was also wondering if the SD P-Rails would fit into the cavity for a normal P90 pickup Thanks! Will
  8. Amps and Cabs
    Hi! I have two questions I have a hard time finding out a good answer: 1. I want to know if there is a small apartment amp what with headphones input that also can take really good my pedalboard? I actually have the Fender I v.2. No problem with reverb/delay, but it seems to have a harder time...
1-8 of 8 Results