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  1. NGD! Jimi Hendrix Monterey Stratocaster (MIM)

    Electric Guitar
    Images: IMG-20190416-180646-262 IMG-20190416-180646-261 00000-IMG-00000-BURST20190416175424495-COVER 00100l-PORTRAIT-00100-BURST20190416175421431-COVER After a little bit of thinking about it, especially cause I have a Daniel Hano custom strat coming in a month or so, I decided to go with what...
  2. Hendrix Monterey Strat

    Electric Guitar
    I may have a chance to buy this. Any owners out there with any input on what they think about this guitar Edit: this is the MIM version.
  3. Need info on this Harmony Monterey

    Acoustic Guitar
    I don't know anything about it. Thank you in advance for the help :)