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  1. NBD (new body day): surf green MJT Stratocaster

    Electric Guitar
    Was looking for a colour change from my fiesta red (Tonebomb) body and found this pre-owned (unused) MJT body on Kijiji for a good price. Not surprisingly, everything fit together great! Pickups are Fender 57/62, and it has an “add bridge” mini toggle to get some telecaster funk. Bridge/trem is...
  2. FS: Tonebomb fiesta red lacquer Strat body $325 shipped

    Guitar Parts
    This is an alder Tonebomb Stratocaster body that I had on a partscaster with a MJT neck (Musikraft). Weight 4.1lbs on the bathroom scale. The neck fit very well, with a tiny bit of space on each side of the neck heel - no alteration of the neck pocket was needed. The body has lacquer paint with...
  3. WTB: Shell Pink MJT Strat Body

    Guitar Parts
    Anybody have a shell pink MJT strat body just sitting there at home unused? I would also be interested in surf green, sonic blue and daphne blue. Don't really care if it is loaded or not. Thanks.
  4. SOLD Please delete

    Putting feelers out there for interest in this sweet guitar I bought from another forum member late 2019. Thinking of selling because I just pulled the trigger on a Nick Oswald Tele. $1650 OBO EMT in Canada, comes with brand new Profile Tweed case (tags still on it). A “period correct” F-style...
  5. NGD: 2020 Capsule Custom

    Electric Guitar
    Or as I like to call it, @Adcandour not shutting up about their quality and a jazzmaster build coming up for sale with nice specs. Arriving in time for the weekend is a win in my book! I really enjoyed my time with the Fender American Professional this is replacing, and it's going to a good home...