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  1. Sold Items
    Tokai Metal Driver TMD-1 OD/Distortion Pedal, 1980's Made in Japan. Basically a vintage Tubescreamer with sweepable mids and without the monstrous price tag. $OLD
  2. Kijiji Alerts
    Where is Crysler? This is listed in the Ottawa area right now. Somebody should grab this. Red DT-350 with original case, V shaped clips, complete TopLok. Looks like bridge pickup was replaced with a DiMarzio. Made in April 1984, overall guitar #400. $250... Jesus christ what a deal. I would...
  3. Acoustic Guitar
    It just dropped into my lap last night. A friend went to Victoria to help his elderly Aunt move, and apparently she's been playing it for a while. She was going to just give it away, so he told her he'd take it to a good home. I believe it's an early 70's model made in Matsuoka's shop in...
1-3 of 3 Results