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  1. Pro Audio
    Hi all, Looking for several Audix D2 and D4 mics. Let me know if you’ve got any up for grabs!
  2. Recording and PA Lounge
    Hello everyone, I share with you these audios samples of this microphone, The TBone MB85 Beta. It's a copy of Shure 58 Beta. Whta do you think about it?. My opinion is a great mic for the price. I recorded acoustic guitar (Seagull Mini Jumbo Maritime SWS), shaker, claves, and voice. I hope you...
  3. Recording and PA Lounge
    I've recently become active in (addicted to may be a better term) the world of home recording. So I converted a small 15' by 8' basement room into a recording space I call The Acoustic Cave (I'm almost exclusively an acoustic guitar player). The learning curve has been and continues to be steep...
1-3 of 3 Results