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  1. Amp Building/Technical/Repair
    Hey guys, I purchased my Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Multi-Watt from a fellow forum member here a little over a year ago and its been a great amp for me since. However, I figured that the thing needed a full tube change as the existing set had been over a year or two old prior to my purchase...
  2. Sold Items
    Here we have a beautiful Steve Moratto handwired built/designed Fender Princeton that was built into a twin enclosure and uses a fender twin tone stack. Has trem and reverb and I currently have a vintage CTS 10” speaker in it with conversion rings. You could easily put 2x12’s in there or run it...
    $1,200 CAD
  3. Amps, Cabs and Speakers
    Mesa Boogie Fillmore 25 in mint condition. Original owner. Bought new from Long & McQuade. Amp has never left this non-smoking house. Go to Long & McQuade link for full description: Mesa Boogie Fillmore 25 1x12 Combo | Long & McQuade (
    $1,600 CAD
  4. Amps, Cabs and Speakers
    Up for sale, I have this mint condition Mesa Boogie Mark Five:35 head (with tags). The item comes with the unopened slip cover, stock footswitch+cable, instruction manual, warranty paperwork and original box/packaging. I purchased this amp from The Guitar Shop (Mississauga) in January 2021 and...
    $1,900 CAD
  5. Amps and Cabs
    I picked up a Badlander 100 this weekend at the Burlington L&M. I'm really enjoying it so far! Just a killer rock amp with some very useful features (switchable 100W - 50W - 20W, two identical channels with 3 modes each, XLR direct out with IRs and reactive load, Variac power mode, takes...
  6. Amps, Cabs and Speakers
    I’d like to Trade my Mesa Stiletto Ace for. Budda SuperDrive
  7. Transport Services/Requests
    Listing ended. Delete.
  8. Want to Buy Delete - Sold

    Amps, Cabs and Speakers
    Sold. DELETE
  9. Sold Items
    Hello everyone, I am selling my Mesa Boogie JP2C head, works great, used for 3 hours. I bought it brand spanking new 2 months ago. Asking $3400. Used for maybe 3 hours. Located in Ridgeway, Ontario. I
  10. Sold Items
    I’m looking for 2 - 16 ohm 12 inch speakers, Celestion G12M65 cream backs or the Scumback M65 blue or black small covers. If you have a pair you are selling please let me know. PM me with price and pics if possible.
  11. Sold Items
    I will send pics if you send me email address or cell phone to text. Mint 2019 Wizard Modern Classic 2 100 watt head with cover and custom 4 button foot switch amazing amp $4600.00 plus shipping In excellent condition Wizard 4x12 cabinet with 2 Celestion greenback M25’s and 2 Celestion Heritage...
  12. Amps, Cabs and Speakers
    In need of a Wizard 2-12 Convertible or closed back version cab 30x20x14 preferred in black with white, with creme-back 65’s or similar, 8 or 16 ohms at 130watts or more. PM with pics and price. Thanks.
  13. Amps and Cabs
    Anyone have a chance to try one out? I'm in a phase of continually downsizing and simplifying. Would love to hear feedback as the local L&M is closed! I like that it would cut down the weight of my Triple crown by more than half. It's also quite a bit smaller and I like to move around furniture...
  14. Amps and Cabs
    After a initial attempted at a load box that at best received luke-warm reviews, it looks like Mesa's getting serious now. This may be competition for Suhr and Torpedo. If nothing else, the demo's fun to watch.
  15. Music
    as i continue looking for a marshall 2204 i can afford (cant seem to sell my traynor ycs50H though either)...something struck me this morning... You can sift through posts on the marshall form , mylp, and even TGP...and ten years ago, people were giving marshalls away, while Mesa dominated the...
  16. Amp Building/Technical/Repair
    Since I didn't want to put studs on any bike tires, I was bored and needed something to do. I've always wanted to do a couple of mods to my LSS but I thought I'd wait until the warranty had expired (those damn 5 year warranties LOL). I did the Reeder mod (details in Grailtone site, if your...
  17. Amps and Cabs
    All except for the Peavey cab is new. The Mesa cab is a cool half open back design, but makes everything through it very bright sounding. Luckily the Morris amp is so low-end happy that it's a perfect marriage of the two. I got the 5150 because it was a good price and totally forgot how great...
  18. Amps and Cabs
    There's been lots of speculation about a TA/RA replacement. I guess now we know. Three channels, can run 6L6, 6V6 or EL34 tubes. And finally, midi control. Also, it's built upside down to most Mesa's I'm used to (power on the left, input on the right) - I guess because it's available in both...
  19. Amps and Cabs
    I am looking to invest in a new amp and need advice on what I should go for. Some bands I like: Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, System of a Down, U2, Audioslave etc. I already have the cab I'm going to use (Mesa 1x12, Black Shadow speaker). My budget is around $3000 CAD, used or new. Thanks, JP
1-19 of 19 Results