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  1. Effects Pedals, Racks etc
    Great condition, no damage to bottom label, original box and manual(crisp) AND….two replacement MN3005 bucket brigade chips to ensure that this pedal will survive with you forever…if you are a die hard, you’ll know that the expense and scarcity of those chips is why the pedal was discontinued by...
    $1,000 CAD
  2. Effects Pedals, Racks etc
    I am so upset that Diamond Pedals has gone under! They are my favourite pedal company. (Please don't say "were"!) I currently have fifteen Diamond pedals (Compressor, Comp SL, Phase, Halo Chorus, Memory Lane, Memory Lane Jr, Counterpoint, Boost-EQ, J-Drive Mk 3, Marquis, Tremolo, Quantum...
1-2 of 2 Results