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  1. Electric Guitar
    Please help us identify the brand/model of a guitar we're now working on. The guitar has no visible branding but has the characteristics of a late 60s Matsumoku Bruno. Supposedly these were made in Japan to be marketed in Canada. We're primarily relying on the hardware to identify it, however...
  2. Acoustic Guitar
    Couldn't resist. The guitar, or the title. Sorry. It's no Hercules stand, and the strap's a putrid green nylon thingy. Made by Matsumoku (thanks zontar) in the 70's?. First look it's solids, adjustable truss rod, and has a crafted look, rather than a manufactured look. I've read that the...
  3. Electric Guitar
    Hi all! :wave: My second posting on your forums. Saw some familiar faces already :smile: I noticed some discussion going on in the past concerning the Vantage brand. Allow me ... Vantage is a brand name of Canadian origin. Vantage guitars were build at the Matsumoku factory in Japan from 1979...
1-4 of 4 Results