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  1. FS: 1965 Raven semi ES-335/330

    1965 Raven Archtop Semi Raven guitars were made in Japan at the Matsumoku plant and the brand was exclusive to Canada - not sure who the distributor was - anyone know? This one has been restored to great playing condition. It's a fully hollow ES-335 copy, or an ES-330 copy with humbuckers, and...
  2. ES335 Vintage Knockoffs - Matsumoku, Aria, Univox

    Electric Guitar
    Please help us identify the brand/model of a guitar we're now working on. The guitar has no visible branding but has the characteristics of a late 60s Matsumoku Bruno. Supposedly these were made in Japan to be marketed in Canada. We're primarily relying on the hardware to identify it, however...
  3. N$60GD (stand & strap too) Taro F-114

    Acoustic Guitar
    Couldn't resist. The guitar, or the title. Sorry. It's no Hercules stand, and the strap's a putrid green nylon thingy. Made by Matsumoku (thanks zontar) in the 70's?. First look it's solids, adjustable truss rod, and has a crafted look, rather than a manufactured look. I've read that the...
  4. Vintage Vantage (Matsumoku Japan, 1976 - 1986)

    Electric Guitar
    Hi all! :wave: My second posting on your forums. Saw some familiar faces already :smile: I noticed some discussion going on in the past concerning the Vantage brand. Allow me ... Vantage is a brand name of Canadian origin. Vantage guitars were build at the Matsumoku factory in Japan from 1979...