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  1. FS: Huss & Dalton TD-M Custom

    This Huss and Dalton Custom has an Adirondack Red Spruce top and mahogany back and sides This TD-M has been braced with Adirondack Spruce & the top brace has been glued with Hot Hide Glue. Huss and Dalton's unique system for attaching the neck to the soundbox using pre-loading to counteract...
  2. Heads Up for Stolen Gear!

    For New Users
    Hey guys!! I am extending a massive SOS through London and all surroundings... On Friday (Feb 22), someone broke into my car and stole both my girls (guitars). They had been part of me since the very beginning. They were both taken out of the trunk of my van downtown London, ON in broad...
  3. Fun (or not) Experiences Buying Used Guitars

    Acoustic Guitar
    I have bought a lot of used guitars over the years. I enjoy playing the different makes and models and since I'm buying used the price is fairly low and I can just resell them a few months later (occasionally I fall in love with one and keep it). I do the cleanup and minor work on these...
  4. NGD

    Acoustic Guitar
    And now for something completely different. My 12 fret search ends. Early 70s Martin D18S. If someone told me 3 years ago I'd own a good mahogany guitar (let alone 2), I woulda told them they were crazy. I've never really been into D18's, always been more of a D28 / D35 guy, but this was the...
  5. 1,999,999 nice looking guitars .....

    Electric Guitar
    ..........and then this. I dunno, not what I woulda done. I like Martin guitars, and we always criticize the traditional companies for trying something new, but this isn't as much a guitar as a modern art, I guess. I hope their 200th Ani's are more guitar, less steampunk.
  6. 2003 Martin Graphite X

    Acoustic Guitar
    I have had a 2003 Martin Graphite X for about 8 years and it sits by my favorite chair on a stand whereas my other guitars have to stay humidified in their cases. This guitar has done a lot of road trips and plane rides over the years and is like new. I am thinking about selling or trading it...