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  1. Julian Bream may you find a new Hauser in heaven!

    In Memorium
    With the passing of Julian Bream a great void is now left in the future of the guitar that others who cherish the instrument as much as he did must now attempt to fill. It will not be at all easy. His playing and commitment to the music of the guitar and how it has evolved always showed in an...
  2. J.S. Bach - Lute Suite #1 In E Minor, BWV 996-II. Allemande/III. Courante

    The Band Lounge (Members Wanted, Performance Vids)
    I recorded this last month at Mannes School of Music; hope you enjoy:
  3. A short clip from yesteryear.

    Acoustic Guitar
    Here's a short Renaissance piece called The Cobbler played on a German Spruce over Brazilian guitar constructed by the late Peter Daniels.