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  1. Ariel Posen at The Dakota Tavern

    Canadian Concert Scene
    Anyone going to the Ariel Posen gig tomorrow? I love his first album and I'm looking forward to seeing him!
  2. Popular rock bands with pull in Kingston Ontario?

    Hi There New to the forum. Work with a company called HouseFire Records in Halifax, NS. Bringing a rock band on tour through Ontario this summer and having a hell of a time finding out who the top bands are in Kingston? Figured the lovely population on here could probably help me out ;)
  3. A Discussion: Are Music Festivals Killing Live Music?

    Cruising A Journal Of Musical Things and came across this: Are Big Music Festivals Killing Live Music? - A Journal of Musical Things I'm currently going through the attached articles. What do you guys think?
  4. 4 hour jam, Burlington Legion, Oct 23

    Canadian Concert Scene
    as a way to combine the GC community's love of jamming, desire to hang out, and the need for a closer meeting point, I've decided to sponsor an epic jam of jams with my new pickups and guitar picks' company (more on this in the dealer section coming soon ). Taking place in...