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  1. Midtown Toronto community hub - free youth arts / music workshops & recording studio

    Transform Community Café (TCC) at 2025 Yonge St. Midtown community hub offers free arts workshops to help youth connect
  2. Telling a story through guitar solos - Resolving and Melody

    Theory and Technique
    Deleted By Thread Creator
  3. Looking for an amazing guitar instructor

    For New Users
    I'm looking for a really good guitar instructor to learn/improve on the following: 1) Theory 2) Improvisation 3) Blues (acoustic/electric) 4) Fingerstyle (mainly Blues/Folk) 5) Shredding I've had a few instructors already in the past but I only found them okay. So I was wondering if anyone...
  4. Despacito - Luis Fonsi - Guitar Tutorial

    Hey guys! I just posted a video tutorial for Despacito if anyone wanted to learn it! Appreciate it if you checked it out :)
  5. Teacher wanted - form, posture, technique

    Theory and Technique
    Hi all, i've been playing for a few years now but have developed some issues in the wrist of my strumming hand and both forearms. Too much tension, bad technique, bad form, bad posture ... all of these are likely culprits. I need to fix these form problems before i do some real damage. I'm...