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  1. WTB: Cool guitar with p90('s) like an LP or SG junior or special!!!

    Looking for something cool with one or more p90's. It's a flavour of guitar I've never really experienced and would love to try! I've play les paul and sg juniors and specials which I absolutely love, so something like that, maybe in a cool colour would be awesome! Looking to spend $1200 or...
  2. $700 Fake Tokai vs $7000 Gibson Custom Shop

    Electric Guitar
    hey guys, thought you might enjoy this video! It's one of those made in Ontario Canada fake Tokais against my recently purchased Gibson Custom Shop '59 RI VOS.
  3. Gibson tribute balance 2017 vs 2018

    Electric Guitar
    Hi! I'm new on this forum and I had a question to you gibson owners out there. Even though the title pretty much says it all, here's the longer story. I'm about to get an american special telecaster from a trade, really cool guitar. Thing is, I already have enough tele's and I was thinking of...
  4. El Degas Les Paul restomod thread

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    I recently picked up a pair of El Degas Les Pauls. One I’m just going to reassemble and see if I can make it work/play and turn it out for a couple bucks or trade for something. The other (black custom) will be the basis of this thread. I’m going to fix it up the best I can and give it to my...
  5. Gibson Les Paul Monster Energy, how much is it worth?

    Electric Guitar
    A friend has a Gibson Les Paul Monster Energy guitar that he wants to sell. He had it for a couple of years and he could use extra money right now but he's out of the country, so he asked me to help him sell it. How much do you think it's worth? More, because it is a "collectable" piece, who was...
  6. Epiphone vs Fender

    Electric Guitar
    Sorry for the clickbait title, I was just wondering what you guys thought of the Epiphone 1956 LP Pro Epiphone 1956 Les Paul Standard PRO as compared to the Fender Mustang 90 Fender Musical Instruments - Mustang 90, Rosewood Fingerboard - Olympic White. I've played the Mustang and absolutely...
  7. Guitar Building

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Hello everyone, My name is James Naro and I have just started a shop in Toronto ON. I Just moved to a new location where I can start showing some people how to build a guitar. I am charging $999 to build a Telecaster, Les Paul, Stratocaster or a (PRS) Paul Reed Smith style guitar. I supply...
  8. Guitar Building

    Electric Guitar
    Hello everyone, My name is James Naro and I have just started a shop in Toronto ON. I Just moved to a new location where I can start showing some people how to build a guitar. I am charging $999 to build a Telecaster, Les Paul, Stratocaster or a (PRS) Paul Reed Smith style guitar. I supply all...
  9. Should I get a PRS?

    Electric Guitar
    I've been trying to decide on a guitar to buy for a while and I think i want a PRS SE custom 24. They are somewhat affordable from what ive heard they are really nice guitars. My dad has a very nice Fender Strat that i really enjoy playing but the only thing i would change about that guitar is...
  10. Les Paul pick up rings

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Just wondering if anyone has a good reference for a place to order pick up rings - I have a 1971 Custom with a cracked (stock) ring in the next position. Thinking of ordering aftermarket metal/gold colored rings - curved bottom required - lots of options on line, though I'm reading horror...
  11. Can you please identify this cheap Univox LP copy

    Electric Guitar
    Hello.. long listener, first time poster. Actually i just joined ;) I cannot find any info about this Univox les paul copy. I see a lot of pictures online, but all with no info. I can find more pricey versions that don't just have the standard dots on the neck. This guitar has no serial as well...
  12. Having a "Special" day

    Electric Guitar
    I just pulled these two ('57 & '63) out of mothballs. Every time I do they blow me away. I don't know why I don't play them more often. Not as hot and aggressive as a Junior, but still nasty and more articulate. The front P-90 also sounds killer. Anybody else having a "Special" day? Let's see...
  13. Just call me Brad Whitford...

    Electric Guitar
  14. Most luxurious guitars on the market?

    Electric Guitar
    I've heard this Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty referred to as the "ultimate tuxedo" Les Paul. And I can see why! This one on Reverb comes at a high price, but looks to be in fantastic condition: Gibson Les Paul Custom 1958 Black | Reverb Got me thinking ... what is the ultimate "top shelf"...
  15. Need Help 80's Les Paul Cream Pickup Rings

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    I have an 80's Les Paul Standard with cracked/broken pickup rings (cream colour). I'd like to replace them with period correct colour/spec rings. I bought a pair of current production, "cream" coloured Gibson pickup rings but the colour is not the same. The colour of the current production stuff...
  16. Any experience with Dolsey guitars?

    Electric Guitar
    I'm looking for an inexpensive backup LP-style guitar and had been thinking a Vintage V100 might be the way to go when I ran into these Dolsey guitars. They still seem rather obscure, but what few reviews exist seem to be glowing. Curious if anyone on this side of the border has any experience...
  17. NGD (for my son's birthday): 2015 Gibby

    Electric Guitar
    I just figured that when he's 40 these rare pieces of shite might be worth at least double. TBH, it plays and sounds great. My only complaint is that with two knobs, the tone control should be WAY more useable. The Larivee RS-2 (?) I had's tone knob was almost an all out wah - incredible. I...
  18. LP style wiring question

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    changing out the pots in my LP..i wasnt paying enough attention to wht i was doing, forgot how te wire were connected and looked it up... The question is this... Ive only EVER seen the cap placed between the volume and tone pot...but now im seeing every duncan diagram shows the cap on the tone...
  19. thought I found early present

    to myself...I mean... found this on kijiji...killer price hooked me in...serial number had me putting my wallet away sad they aren't calling a fake a fake
  20. 2007 LP Studio

    2007 LP Studio