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  1. FINALLY! Nitrocellulose Custom Colours now in Canada!!!!!! all your nitro finishing needs.

    Electric Guitar
    Hi guys, Well its finally here! I found a Canadian company who sells all your nitro finishing needs. Including custom builds, bodies and necks. And a full line of custom colours from fender and Gibson. They are brand new this year. Great Lakes Custom Colour. Contact them. Super fast shipping...
  2. Minwax Spray Lacquer

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Painting a guitar later this month, just a Frankenstein type deal. Wanted to use the Minwax Clear Spray Lacquer because a nitro and never used it before, and I swear it was around here last year, now I can't find it. Home Hardware doesn't list it, neither does Canadian Tire or Lowes, and Home...
  3. Touch up dark/burn CA stains on a spruce top

    Acoustic Guitar
    Hi, I tried to fix small dings on a 70s Nizo Suzuki W-200 top with CA (superglue) with the famous CA drop-fill method but it went wrong. I think the glue burnt the finish and made dark stains that I really want to touch up. I was thinking about disolving the glue with acetone, and refinishing...
  4. Watco Satin Lacquer for Neck

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    I bought an unfinished neck off Guitar Fetish. Though their unfinished necks look more like a finished neck stripped than a neck not completed. Anyways... '90s style BCRich neck with the batwing headstock. Doing a guitar for my nephew. Anyways, good shape, needs a bit if finishing and sanding...
  5. Satin/Matte Clear Coat in Rattle Cans

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    I decided to do a Washburn I've been working on, in Chrysler's 'Intense Blue Pearl' which looks real nice, and I can go to Canadian Tire and buy it pre-made in that Dupli-Colour Perfect Match paint. Thing is, I want a satin/matte finish. I know, some people just paint it gloss and sand it to...
  6. Gold tint spray lacquer supply (for brass)

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    I've done a lot of on-line searching on forums and store fronts and so far have come up dry. I'm restoring a bass with all brass hardware, and while the tuners and truss rod cover plate are fine, the rest of the brass is badly tarnished. Comparing the stripped and polished pieces to the...