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  1. Kijiji Alerts
    For sale by a good friend of mine in Toronto. Trust worthy guy who I’ve exchanged a lot of gear with over the years. I have played this guitar myself; it’s a great instrument and has everything you’d expect in a pre-cbs strat. TBH this guitar would not be on the market if I were not buying a...
  2. Electric Guitar
    So, I got a black 2014 american standard stratocaster and just want to make sure it's legit. I'm not sure if I've seen american standard strats with these strap buttons? (apparently these were used only on american series stratocasters) .. Here's some pictures of the serial, neck stamp, and...
  3. Electric Guitar
    there’s this black american standard strat on kijiji. it’s from 2014. i’m pretty keen on buying. however, i checked online & it says strats from 2014 should all have a 60th anniversary neckplate. this one doesn’t have it. i’m not trying to buy a fake so if any of you can drop some insight, i’d...
  4. Kijiji Alerts
    Hey everyone, I’m not much for posting online but wondering if the guitar community could maybe help out here. So approximately 6 weeks ago there was a KIJIJI ad for some aged wizz pickups for sale in Edmonton. I messaged the guy and everything seemed ok(minus original box, covers and rings...
  5. Music
    ...are no more, evidently. Kijiji Canada removes event tickets sales from site
  6. Music
    to myself...I mean... found this on kijiji...killer price hooked me in...serial number had me putting my wallet away sad they aren't calling a fake a fake
1-6 of 6 Results