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  1. Guitar Parts
    This is a Precision Guitar Kits LP Jr with rosewood board, ‘59 neck carve, and more “Gibson-y” headstock than they currently offer. The back has some Collings-inspired contours. The bass-side lower bout has a slight carve, and the treble side has a cutout that makes playing sitting down so much...
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  2. Sold Items
    Hey guys I have a few guitars up for sale or trade or trade/cash ! Please send me a email if anyone is interested [email protected] I can send more photos and give more details about each guitar as there are some replaced parts on the junior ( bridge / tuners ) and a story with the...
  3. Electric Guitars
    1997 Gibson Les Paul Special DC, in TV Yellow. Made in USA. This guitar is 100% original including the brown tolex Gibson hardshell case. Has some beautiful finish checking on the body, some scratches and dings as to be expected but in beautiful condition. The lacquer on the headstock seems to...
  4. Electric Guitars
    This guitar is 100% original including the brown tolex Gibson hardshell case. Has some small knicks and dings but is in overall amazing condition. Frets are lively, this guitar hasn't been too heavily played in its years. Truss rod is healthy (has plenty of room for adjustment), electronics are...
  5. Electric Guitars
    Been looking for one of these for over 12 months. I'm in the U.K, so will pay for shipping.
  6. Electric Guitars
    Looking for something cool with one or more p90's. It's a flavour of guitar I've never really experienced and would love to try! I've play les paul and sg juniors and specials which I absolutely love, so something like that, maybe in a cool colour would be awesome! Looking to spend $1200 or...
  7. Electric Guitar
    I just figured that when he's 40 these rare pieces of shite might be worth at least double. TBH, it plays and sounds great. My only complaint is that with two knobs, the tone control should be WAY more useable. The Larivee RS-2 (?) I had's tone knob was almost an all out wah - incredible. I...
1-7 of 7 Results