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  1. NGD: 2020 Capsule Custom

    Electric Guitar
    Or as I like to call it, @Adcandour not shutting up about their quality and a jazzmaster build coming up for sale with nice specs. Arriving in time for the weekend is a win in my book! I really enjoyed my time with the Fender American Professional this is replacing, and it's going to a good home...

    Electric Guitar
    hey all, I was wonder if anyone knows where in Canada, Ontario hopefully, I can get a US PRO JAZZMASTER pickguard in white (3 ply). This: Fender Pickguard, American Pro Jazzmaster PBP OR on the off chance someone on here has one to sell or trade for a black one that'd be ideal. thank you!
  3. 1954 ES 175 for Jazzmaster or Thinline tele

    For New Users
    Hi Folks...think about do a trade like this....let me know if anyone wants has. Thanks