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    Went another route but still keeping an eye out.
  2. Electric Guitars
    Hey there! Looking to buy a Fender Jazzmaster, preferably the models stated. There's a pretty rare Thin Skin model from 2008 in Shell Pink that I'd really love to pay for but they're very limited. Rosewood boards only. Anything Limited Edition is cool too. Or custom shop. Toronto/GTA area...
  3. Sold Items
    (No trades - trade offers will be ignored) $1400 (rest of pics not working, please PM for more) For sale is a 2020 vintage-spec Capsule Custom "Bender" jazzmaster, bought new from Capsule last year. "Here is an offset Capsule Custom Bender .This one is dialed in and plays great , the down...
  4. Sold Items
    Looking to trade for for fender Stratocaster this is the 60th anniversary model let me know what you have I’m willing to ship not looking sell right now unless offer is good looking for trade Series: Limited Edition • Model: 0140101740 • Colour: Fiesta Red • Body: Alder • Body Finish: Gloss...
  5. Sold Items
    This is a beautiful guitar both visually and sonically! This guitar is in great shape considering it’s been relic’d. Bought at Chicago Music Exchange, these have their custom specs, including the magenta/black sparkle finish, roasted maple neck and their custom designed pickups. See specs in the...
  6. Electric Guitar
    Or as I like to call it, @Adcandour not shutting up about their quality and a jazzmaster build coming up for sale with nice specs. Arriving in time for the weekend is a win in my book! I really enjoyed my time with the Fender American Professional this is replacing, and it's going to a good home...
  7. Electric Guitar
    hey all, I was wonder if anyone knows where in Canada, Ontario hopefully, I can get a US PRO JAZZMASTER pickguard in white (3 ply). This: Fender Pickguard, American Pro Jazzmaster PBP OR on the off chance someone on here has one to sell or trade for a black one that'd be ideal. thank you!
  8. For New Users
    Hi Folks...think about do a trade like this....let me know if anyone wants has. Thanks
1-8 of 8 Results