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  1. Theory and Technique
    Hello guys! In this one-minute guitar tutorial I'll show you how to play "Autumn Leaves" jazz standard: melody and chords. You will learn how to play the melody and how to comp using shell voicings (very common chords in jazz that only use 1 3 and 7 tones). Thank you for watching, share...
  2. Theory and Technique
    Hello guys! Hope you’re having a great weekend so far :) In this jazz guitar tutorial I’ll show you how to play walking bass with chords using one of the most common jazz chord progressions: I - VI - II - V, also known as turnaround. We’ll be breaking this tutorial down into 3 steps: Learning...
  3. Music
    This is our attempt to try and jazz up a pop/radio tunes - Figures originally by Jessica Reyez. I found it super fun and enjoyable and we did in it one of the local signing contest- Toronto city Voice and so here you go Toronto City Voice 2018 - Shilululu Figures Cover
1-4 of 4 Results