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  1. WTB: Low Output PAF style Humbuckers for 335

    Guitar Parts
    Hey! I have a 90s Japanese 335 that came with really hot humbuckers (16K!) and I'd love to look for a set of lower output PAFs for it so that I can get some more clarity, especially cause I play without a pic. I love the guitar but it's not an especially expensive instrument, so I don't wanna...
  2. Humbucker suggestions for Japanese 335?

    Electric Guitar
    So, a while ago I picked up a Japanese 335 and have been enjoying it immensely! Here's the original thread with images - NGD: Weird Japanese 335! I think it's a 90s guitar, specifically an Epiphone Ltd. Edition model from 1991. But it's definitely microphonic, which gets exacerbated during a...
  3. P90 and Humbucker p'ups

    Electric Guitar
    I'm thinking of making my own guitar, and I decided on using a p90 hum bucker setup. If I were to use that setup, which pickup should I put where. It should also be noted the pickups are an SD phat cat and the Fernandez sustainer humbucker style
  4. Attaching Humbuckers to pickup rings...a helpful hint

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    I haven't tried this ...but it appears to be a simple idea to reduce the potential frustration posed by this task.
  5. Repair Question Humbucker needs gluing...seriously!

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    The bridge humbucker on my 1998 Epi Dot started to spontaneously move towards the strings and then back!! I took out the pickup only to find that the baseplate was originally attached to the remainder of the pickup with GLUE and not with the tiny screws one typically sees!! Apparently this was...