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  1. Electric Guitar
    I bought this 1980 harmony superstrat a couple months ago for $100. I cant find another one online. My friend contacted harmony and they dont know what it is. Maybe its an overseas model? A limited run? It sounds great but needs a mild resto.
  2. Electric Guitar
    Bought this a while ago for $100. Its a 1980 harmony superstrat. I cant find another one online. No pictures or anything. My friend contacted harmony and they said they dont know what it is. What do you think? Maybe its an overseas model? Or limited run? If you know anything about it or have...
  3. Sold Items
  4. Sold Items
    For sale: A set of Throbak KZ 115 Pickups in Aged Nickel. Comes with the original box and its candy. $700 shipped to anywhere in Canada.
  5. Guitar Parts
    fully functional. Nice patina on pole pieces. Can throw in a cover aswell. Overall a great humbucker with PAF voicing that I am just not using! $150 plus shipping
  6. Guitar Parts
    In original box, I bought this set of pickups for a project that just hasn’t happened. They come from a really good seller who said they have seen little use. They look perfect with plenty of wire there. These are hand wound, highly regarded pickups, said to capture the magic of 69 pups and 57...
  7. Electric Guitar
    Thinking of changing the bridge pickup in my Eastman El Rey. The neck had a really nice coil tapped humbucker, think I'd like the big single coil sound at the bridge. What have you tried, what do you like?
  8. Electric Guitar
    I’m considering switching out the pickups in my Les Paul. The previous owner installed a DiMarzio SD and a 57 classic. While I love the SD, I’m not sure I like it paired with the classic. Wondering if there is a better pairing for what I play. (Mostly hard or classic rock or hard rockin blues)...
  9. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Hi there, I'm making a guitar and I was wondering what type of pickups/pickup combinations I should use. I'm fairly new to guitar pickups and I was wondering which combination would be best for me. I play a lot of rock, punk, grunge and occasionally metal and blues and I'm really looking for...
  10. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Just wondering if anyone has a good reference for a place to order pick up rings - I have a 1971 Custom with a cracked (stock) ring in the next position. Thinking of ordering aftermarket metal/gold colored rings - curved bottom required - lots of options on line, though I'm reading horror...
1-10 of 10 Results