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    2009 PRS Hollowbody Piezo - $3600, shipping available (located West of Kitchener). No trades, please. 10-top blue matteo finish - some dings and a little hazing on lower horn - 8.5/10 hollow bird inlays pattern/wide-fat neck profile, figuring on neck/headstock L.R. Baggs piezo system...
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    Change of heart!
  3. Sold Items
    Hello! I’m a student located in Toronto and want to buy a McCarty Hollowbody (and I don’t mean an SE).. one of the newer ones, not the ones made in 90s-2000’s. Send me a pm if you’re interested in selling one. Looking for one with a eye catching top and in excellent condition. Please include...
  4. Electric Guitar
    Recently, I was browsing the classifieds here on GC when I came across a group of extremely fine guitars being sold by our own @TCMfan. Curious, I clicked the listing and scrolled down... Ah, damn... I was greeted by this lovely lady, staring at me longingly from the depths of my screen. I...
  5. Electric Guitar
    I went looking for a Martin CF-1 archtop. The only natural I could purchase had been altered with the addition of a second pickup etc.. None of the sellers with a non-sunburst/altered guitar would ship to Canada. Oh well -- someday. The sunbursts all looked like the sprayer was doing ojt -- not...
  6. Electric Guitar
    2016 begins just how 2015 ended: "do I keep this guitar?" goes through my head haha. I have the 2011 artist V I picked up from FatherJacques - it's a gorgeous guitar. Ebony board, MoP perfling, artist grade woods, artist V pickups... it's a little rocket. But it has a trem. They made them...
  7. Hamer Newport

    Absolutely top notch quality on this Hamer.
1-7 of 7 Results