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  1. Found The Perfect Epiphone EB Bass, But I Cant Pick It Up

    I've been hunting for this White EB for a while, and one finally turned up after 6 years, but I can't get it since the seller can't ship it (completely understandable). Wondering if somebody could help a guy out and swing through Toronto and then ship it to me. I'd make it worth your trouble...
  2. I need answers! (Morley CSV?)

    Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    So a while back i grabbed a "Morley Compact - Stereo Volume - Model CSV" on the local used market and... Well... Here I am searching around online and I cannot find anything that matches this model I have here. I'm getting no results on reverb, so there aren't any circulating around that i can...
  3. Unknown Canadian Made Speaker? HELP!

    Amps and Cabs
    I have this homemade 2x12 I bought some years back. Decided to crack it open to see what I was working with a noticed the speakers are Canadian made. Unfortunately that's all it says. The only information I can get from them is "DGD6", "Made In Canada" and I think it says "GL1250". Can anyone...
  4. Looking for help to decide what to buy

    Amps and Cabs
    Hey fellow forum users! I need your help! I am in the process of creating a small band with some friends. It's nothing serious, we are mostly going to jam together, learn our instruments and show the others what we learned. We probably aren't going to gig, unless it's in a couple of years...