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  1. FS: Revsound compact and light (as possible) 2x15 - price drop

    Bass Guitar and Amps
    Revsound 215T - $500 Full specs - RS215T | RevSound This handmade by a pro with all the best parts 2x15 is only 52lbs and as small as possible while still having a big sound. 4 ohm. 800w. Celestion BN15 speakers in excellent shape. Rear casters and inset top handle for easy transport. Tweeter...
  2. High Gain Boutique Amps

    Amps and Cabs
    So I'm actively searching for a new amp to add to my amp collection. I currently own an ENGL Morse and a Mesa Mark V and as awesome as they are, I love having different styles of amps to play with to achieve different styles and characters in my playing. I'm a high gain player, ranging from 80's...