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  1. Sold Items
    This guitar is in fantastic shape and is one of the best playing harmony guitars Ive owned. Truly only getting rid of it to fund personnel for an EP for my band. Plays beautifully and stays in tune!!!! Pretty sure I have a generic hardshell case for it aswell.
    $900 CAD
  2. Electric Guitars
    Fully rebuilt using 90% original parts with the exception of: tuners are Golden Age in aged finish; bridge is Tone Pros AVR2G Kalamazoo style bridge in aged finish. Pickups are original 1963 Dearmond-Rowe goldfoil, hooked up to the original wiring harness from the guitar. The capacitors have...
  3. Electric Guitar
    I bought this 1980 harmony superstrat a couple months ago for $100. I cant find another one online. My friend contacted harmony and they dont know what it is. Maybe its an overseas model? A limited run? It sounds great but needs a mild resto.
  4. Electric Guitar
    Bought this a while ago for $100. Its a 1980 harmony superstrat. I cant find another one online. No pictures or anything. My friend contacted harmony and they said they dont know what it is. What do you think? Maybe its an overseas model? Or limited run? If you know anything about it or have...
  5. The Band Lounge (Members Wanted, Performance Vids)
    I did this co-write with Myles Goodwyn recently for his soon-to-be-released record Friends of the Blues 2. It's called Fish Tank Blues and turned out really well. Myles and I collaborated to bring the song together and then this video was done for it. On the record I used my '59 Silvertone 1421...
  6. Acoustic Guitar
    I don't know anything about it. Thank you in advance for the help :)
  7. Acoustic Guitar
    See link below. No markings on headstock. Doesn't look to to have any dot markers on the fretboard. Beautiful Vintage Unknown Made in USA guitar | guitars | Calgary | Kijiji It has to be a Stella... Doesn't it?
1-7 of 7 Results