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  1. Hagstrom serial number acoustic

    Acoustic Guitar
    about 40 years ago i bought my Hagstrom b120, with nr 54 | 146297. Can someone can give me some information of this guitar? When it was built?
  2. New here (first post) + Looking for Hagstrom Help

    For New Users
    Hi all, As the title suggests, I'm brand new here. I'm also new-ish to playing guitar. Looking forward to being part of this community. I was recently given a Hagstrom Swede (2006, as far as I can tell). It's a solid guitar, especially for me at my level, but it's missing the pick guard...
  3. Need your help: buying a baritone

    Electric Guitar
    Hi everyone. I've been struggling in searching a cool baritone guitar I could purchase, but I still hesitate between some different axes and brands, regarding to prices, caracteristics, and everything... Moreover, as I can't -unfortunately- try one, and need to order one online if I really want...