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  1. Electric Guitar
    Hi everyone! I am planning to get back into playing electric guitar after a reasonable break. I have bought and sold a few electric guitars over the years (including selling online) but have never bought a guitar online. With circumstances as they are though and with an eye for something...
  2. Acoustic Guitar
    I know there's lots of great Canadian guitars out there. Many of the members, here on CGF, enjoy their Seagulls, Halcyons, Gilmores, House & Beneteaus, etc.. What else is out there--Wrens, Laskins, Manzers, Normans, S&P, ... ? What do you have that you would be happy to recommend? From a great...
  3. Amps and Cabs
    Apologies of this has been discussed to death at the forum but I was wondering, if you've really used a Two-Rock or another D-style amp, what do you really think of it? Is the clean headroom nothing like any other amp does? Are there any slightly less expensive D-style amp that can still do this?
  4. Electric Guitar
    Word has it that Westcoast Guitars in Vancouver Canada is the Tokai Dealer now. They posted a 2019 catalogue on their website for new Japan made Tokai's. They are selling the bolt on strat and tele styles as well as the Talbo and the old Hummingbird Reissues. This should be very cool...
  5. Electric Guitar
    Hey guys, I've been eyeing a Jahn Custom Guitars Legacy and was wondering what you guys have to say about, tried one maybe? I'm after a nice high end shredder and that one has a good deal on it. Thanks!
  6. Electric Guitar
    In all the stuff going on over the holidays & feeling under the weather I forgot to check until today (Well I did check before it was posted as well--many times) But here are some fine oddities from the 2017 NAMM show--almost time for the 2018 show now... NAMM Oddities 2017 Worth a look--lots...
  7. Electric Guitar
    Hello Canadians- I grew up in USA only about 10 miles from Canada and spent a lot of time there as a Kid...great People and Country. And now I am very interested in the Prestige Semi Hollow Guitars from Vancouver especially the Musician Pro Single Cutaway and the Musician Double Cutaway which...
  8. Electric Guitar
    We are happy to announce that Caparison Guitars has chosen us to represent their amazing guitars. First shipment is arriving shortly.
  9. Dealer Emporium
    We are proud to be a dealer for Tom Anderson Guitars in Canada now. We are currently placing orders for 2016 production.
1-10 of 10 Results