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  1. How You Can Jazz up Your Guitar Playing

    Theory and Technique
    Trying some put some regular posts and contribute more to the community! Here is my favorite style of playing and I do this type of progression a lot because it gives the good old power chord a new life. All these happen when you add the minor 9th chords to the progress instead of using root...
  2. Easy Minor Shape You Need to Learn to Solo in any Keys

    Theory and Technique
    The one scale/shape is what you need to be successful in guitar soloing! I heard people get anxious and intimidating a lot when they first get on the guitar and try to solo thru backing tracks or with the band. - What can I play? - What must I not play? So they can stick to the tunes and...
  3. Guitar lessons for beginners

    Hello, I know how difficult it is to grab basic things of guitar playing at the beginning. That's why I have created some lessons for the beginners. They will be helpful to those who have just started learning.
  4. Guitar Licks #1 - Sweep picking and tapping

    Electric Guitar
    Hey guys here is a quick guitar lick that I made, using sweep picking and taaping in D minor =D
  5. Guitar Lessons vs YouTube

    For New Users
    Many thanks to all of the comments welcoming me to the site! I'm feeling the love. I've been taking some lessons from a guy here in my neighbourhood. He's actually quite talented (he teaches guitar, piano and trumpet). The thing is, I find the pace to be ... hmmm ... a bit "boring" - not to say...