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    Hi! my name is Ed, I´m not sure if this is the right section for posting guitar videos so please let me know. For the video I used my phone. For the audio: I recorded the guitars with amplitube 4 and Guitar rig 5 using an audio interface. Let me know your opinion :)
  2. Electric Guitar
    I’ve just started out on YouTube and posted this cover of Hypermania by Polaris! This song absolutely crushes! Please check it out
  3. For New Users
    Hello everyone! Recently decided to join this community and get in on the action :) I'm a 21 year old university student that like to play guitar in his free time. I spent a few years teaching guitar in a local guitar school, and these days I am focusing my efforts on the YouTube scene! I own...
  4. Music
    Underoath - In Regards to Myself (Guitar Cover) Opening riff is too dirty, had to learn the whole song. This is my cover of In Regards to Myself by Underoath from their best album, Define the Great Line. Enjoy! -METALguitaristINaROCKband