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  1. GUITAR Cover of HYPERMANIA by Polaris !

    Electric Guitar
    I’ve just started out on YouTube and posted this cover of Hypermania by Polaris! This song absolutely crushes! Please check it out
  2. The "high powered guitar amps" thread

    Amps and Cabs
    You know what, that Garnet got me thinking. We haven't compiled a list of all the 150W+ monsters of the world, rare or otherwise. Pics are welcome but not required. Here's what I can think of so far: Mesa Boogie Coliseum (300W) Marshall Major (200W) Orange Thunderverb (200W) Mesa Triple...
  3. Vibration Technology Ltd. 4M 140 Serial # 1252

    Amps and Cabs
    Hello fellow humans , I just brought home a " Vibration Technology Ltd. 4M 140 Serial # 1252 ' amplifier. I have yet to find any useful information on this product other than it was manufactured in Scarborough, Ontario and that the company is no longer in business. Could somebody please help me...
  4. Lordtone Amps, Canada made Ceriatone Amps

    Dealer Emporium
    Hi, we are this is a small online business authorized by Ceriatone, we represent this great amps brand now here in Canada, so we are very happy to announce you that Lordtone Amps is here to stay and offer to you the best quality amps custom made. Ceriatone is a company that...