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  1. Electric Guitar
    Who do you like for custom refinishing in the Toronto / GTA region? I've got a nice '57 reissue Strat that I've enjoyed for a number of years. It shows some wear now. I was thinking of either accelerating the aging process with a light to medium relic treatment, or cleaning it up.
  2. Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    I just wanted to leave this here for anyone in the GTA looking to get handmade pedals. I have a JFET boost called date Strong-arm from Tom and it's a fatten-er for my single coils. He's also a great guy to work with if you want custom effects made that aren't super expensive. He's currently...
  3. Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    My bandmate wants to replace the switches on his DL4. He also doesn't want to ship to the US for work (makes sense). Located in Toronto. I figure he probably wants this done before June. Are any of our great community able to do this? I know the chassis will also require drilling as the...
1-3 of 3 Results