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  1. Electric Guitar
    Was just wondering if anyone has one of the new stadium HT's and is willing to share their thoughts on them. I was looking into buying one as I do not have a telecaster style guitar, but the only demo posted doesn't really showcase much.
  2. Electric Guitar
    Hey folks I'm new here. I searched threads but couldn't find any that specifically compared these guitars. If this is in the wrong place let me know or please move it! So basically I've had my heart set on a tele. Found a late 80's Fernandes Japan Telecaster with MJS pickups for $500 cad. Also...
  3. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Hi all. I have a Godin A6 to fix. Piezo & magnetic pickups have signal at their respective outputs but the mix function isn't working. The jacks are different from one another, one is metal and the other has a plastic box like body. I think one may have been replaced and wired incorrectly...
  4. For New Users
    Hi everyone! Glad to be here! I haven't been playing all that long (months) but I've been pretty lucky so far. I have a Godin Solidac, a Washburn Strat and a Gibson Maestro SG (made in China). My Gibson is crap, my Washburn is decent and my Godin is incredible! I'm looking forward to some...
  5. Electric Guitar
    Hi to everyone, I have a Core P90 old style and am looking for locking tuners anyone know which brand and model will work? I live overseas so will probably buy on Amazon, Reverb etc. Thanks
  6. Electric Guitar
    Was just on checking out the price for Godin Session blackburst couldn't believe the price they were asking $681.25 . Don't get me wrong this guitar is worth more money than that because of quality. I purchased mine new this past June for $499.00. The shop I purchased from ordered it...