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  1. Sold Items
    My luck runs in strange ways and I found the Goldtop version of this, so the Ebony needs a new home. This guitar is in like new condition, comes with all original documentation, birthday picture and case candy in the original brown Gibson hard shell case. I'm doing a bit of a cross country tour...
  2. Sold Items
    Honestly one of the best Les Pauls, if not the best, I’ve ever owned including my R9s. Super limited edition made for TC Gakki in Japan of the ‘68 Custom Shop re-issue gold top. These are rare and saw some get PAFs factory-installed instead of the standard p90s that came with most of the 2019...
  3. Electric Guitars
    I've had it for 11 months now, really not much playing wear, pickguard mainly. No chipped paint. I did the back of the neck with Scotch Brite to get a nice smooth satin feel. I do it to all my guitars. I can repolish it to a gloss if necessary. The case has a few small nicks here and there.
  4. Electric Guitar
    Wrong forum and you need to put a price. Can't sell here without having a price.
  5. Sold Items
    Had this listed before, changed my mind about selling, feeling I’ll never replace it for the same price, but now the time has come. This one sports classic D-18 style appointments: Adirondack top [the “Custom” aspect of this guitar],mahogany back, sides and neck, scalloped Adirondack X-bracing...
  6. Electric Guitars
    I think I will sell my 2019 Gibson SG standard in Ebony. Comes with the leather Gibson case and all the case candy. Guitar is setup very well (factory spec). I am located in Montreal but can ship. $1500 plus shipping (Have a Gibson shipping box - will be packaged up perfectly!)
  7. Effects Pedals, Racks etc
    Hello Everyone, I am in desperate search of a Maestro Reissue FZ-1A by Gibson pedal. I believe these were made in the 2000s and I cannot seem to track one down to buy. I am willing to pay whatever so be it the cost for one of these. I've attached an image of the pedal, and hope maybe someone...
  8. Electric Guitars
    Hi ! I got a gibson LPM 2014 I'd like to trade. I realised I'd be nice to have some more variety since most of my guitars are now lp's. Mostly looking at fender strat's or tele's for a trade, maybe a gibson with p90's, or a decent semi hollow. I had an american special tele at some point, which...
  9. Sold Items
    Brand new, never installed. Bought these for my prs but the ears on the ends are too long to fit in my guitar. Will fit in pretty much anything else. This set is wound using 1959 spec 42 Enamel wire which results in a bit thicker coil, and a higher final resistance. Same alnico 5 magnets as the...
  10. Sold Items
    Hi everyone ! Looking to trade this Gibson Hawk. Just got it recently. Everything is original. Headstock has seen better days, the nitro is cracking and peeling, seems to be a common issue on these looking at pictures of some of the same years. Other than that the guitar is in great condition...
  11. Sold Items
    Looking for a cool Gibson ES-335 or ES-345, ideally in Vintage burst or historic burst. If you have anything for sale or trade please send me a message.
  12. Sold Items
    Hey Guys! Been following the forums for a while and just finally getting around to posting but looking to possibly make a couple trades locally but mostly wanted to put a feeler out there. Located in North vancouver but can travel anywhere between here and Abbotsford. PM me with any questions or...
  13. Electric Guitar
    Good day, I've been considering adding an ES-339 to my 'flotilla' of electric guitars and am looking to Forum members who may own one of these for your impressions. I finally bought an ES-335 about a year ago after much 'lusting' over a Gibby semi-hollow, but ended up moving it along as I found...
  14. Sold Items
  15. Sold Items
    2004 Gibson SG Standard, Heritage Cherry Really nice neck profile 1 11/16" at the nut Pickups upgraded to Burst Bucker 1 & 2 (non-original) Hard Case 2 dings in the front and one on the back of the headstock Weight: 3.56 kg / 7 lb 14 oz SOLD
  16. Sold Items
    Up for grabs is a beautiful custom shop 335 in historic burst In excellent shape! Nothing but the average wear, no scratches or dings! Comes with ohsc and case candy! $5000 or trades on other gear of equivalent value!
  17. Electric Guitars
    1997 Gibson Les Paul Special DC, in TV Yellow. Made in USA. This guitar is 100% original including the brown tolex Gibson hardshell case. Has some beautiful finish checking on the body, some scratches and dings as to be expected but in beautiful condition. The lacquer on the headstock seems to...
  18. Electric Guitars
    This guitar is 100% original including the brown tolex Gibson hardshell case. Has some small knicks and dings but is in overall amazing condition. Frets are lively, this guitar hasn't been too heavily played in its years. Truss rod is healthy (has plenty of room for adjustment), electronics are...
  19. Sold Items
    Just found out I’m not a Flying V type of player haha here’s a 2017 pristine condition Gibson custom shop ‘59 Flying V! This is a rocker! Extremely well setup and sounds killer! Beautiful tv yellow finish! Comes with ohsc and case candy! $4850 emt try your trades!
1-20 of 77 Results