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  1. STOLEN: Pedalboard + Pedals

    Stolen Gear Registry
    My Pedalboard was stolen yesterday: It's a Pedaltrain 2 Bag... inside contained: Digitech Jamman (2 channel), TC Helicon Harmony Singer, SM 58, Senheizer Mic, Boss OCT-3, MXR volume boost, Ibanez TubeScreamer, Maxon Analog Delay. If anybody encounters this, please let me know. Thank you so much.
  2. A question about rack gear spacing.

    Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    I'm building a stereo amp setup that consists of two preamps, stereo power amp, and a power conditioner; all of the rack spaces needed to make this fit will be 8u. The question is should I look for an 8u rack case (gator or SKB style), or should I get a 10u so I can leave a space between the...
  3. For Alex - Gear Used for the Sparrows "Let The Silence Stay Where It Was" tracking

    Ok, I'm not going to get all of this right but here we go: Guitars: Fender telecasters (a bunch): American Standard (pickup swap?) Rosewood model (rosie) Blacktop with JB (I think) Epiphone Baritone ES-335 (not sure if this made final cuts, envisioning guitar rack in my head) PRS: Custom 22...
  4. The Life & Death of Noise Supply, Or: How I Learned to Say Goodbye and Give You Discounts

    Dealer Emporium
    Hey folks, The Coles Notes is this: we are closing the online store at the end of the month. But this also means discount codes to clear out inventory. If you have a question about why Noise Supply is closing, who the heck Noise Supply even is, or just want to reminisce in all that is/was...
  5. Klon KTR vs. Zoom Power Drive

    Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    Had some time around the house today, so I thought I'd do a quick, spur of the moment blind test between an infamous classic and an underdog contender. Check it out, why don't you? W.
  6. PSA: Toronto Auction - Music Equipment + More!

    Electric Guitar
    Someone posted this in a facebook group, I figure some of you may find some good prices with any luck: Definitely going to be some decent gear, the question is how much are people willing to bid on it? ;)
  7. Home Recording Set-Ups

    Recording and PA Lounge
    I've recently become active in (addicted to may be a better term) the world of home recording. So I converted a small 15' by 8' basement room into a recording space I call The Acoustic Cave (I'm almost exclusively an acoustic guitar player). The learning curve has been and continues to be steep...
  8. Spreading the word

    Stolen Gear Registry
    Hey all. I just wanted to drop a line saying that there are a couple of Facebook groups for stolen gear that you might want to check out and/or post details of your missing gear. I figure that the further the message gets out, the better the chances of someone recognizing your stolen equipment...