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  1. Effects Pedals, Racks etc
    Hello Everyone, I am in desperate search of a Maestro Reissue FZ-1A by Gibson pedal. I believe these were made in the 2000s and I cannot seem to track one down to buy. I am willing to pay whatever so be it the cost for one of these. I've attached an image of the pedal, and hope maybe someone...
  2. Sold Items
    Hudson broadcast dual foot switch limited run of black and gold, only 40 made! Great condition, Velcro on the back so it’s pedalboard ready. SOLD $400, shipped.
  3. Sold Items
    SOLD Union Tube and Transistor Tour Bender Fuzz (Deluxe with badge, wooden box, and bandana) $280 CAD, shipped. Picked this up a few weeks ago here on the forum. It’s a lovely fuzz, but decided it couldn’t knock off the Bliss Factory that is currently on my board. UT&T’s take on the venerable...
  4. Sold Items
    Here she is in all her glory, working perfectly and in mint condition! Looking for a big muff variant of similar value. Comes w box. Willing to add cash for the right vintage muff😊 Shipping from Terrace BC. Asking 320 shipped Cheers!
  5. Sold Items
    Seeker Effects Fuzzface loaded with Mullard OC42 transistors. Workin’ well and soundn’ swell! Cleans up like a dream and absolutely rips at full volume on the guitar, checks all the boxes :) 225 shipped from Terrace BC!
  6. Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    Tight and clear are two key words to describe this fuzz (bordering on distortion) pedal. Based on the Op Amp Big Muff circuit, made famous by Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins, the CK Audio Effects’ Fuzzy Pumpkin is not a subtle fuzz. Even when turned low there is plenty of grain, albeit...
  7. Sold Items
    EDIT: my price was “out to lunch” so price drop to $150. Also have found the 2nd clip! (not pictured) Hey guys. Line 6 G30 with PSU & 2 transmitters for easy swap during gig. (One brand new from warranty replacement) Velcro in the Receiver. Was Asking $200, Now $150 shipped expedited to your...
  8. Sold Items
    Okay list price drop! nkt 212 version biased to perfection! Comes with box and tag! $1000 or trades on other cool pedals! let me know what you have!
  9. Sold Items
    4 Acid Fuzz pedals up for grabs! All come with boxes! MKI Acid Fuzzer - $sold MKII professional - sold Zoink Machine - $750 zonk machine hybrid zap #11/15 - $1500
  10. Sold Items
    Here’s the granddaddy of all zonks, it’s a limited edition hybrid zonk made for king zapata of Gary Clark jr. this is a hybrid zonk made by acid fuzz in the wedge enclosure. He only made 15 of them! $1500 obo or trades on other boutique pedals!
  11. Effects Pedals, Racks etc
    Brand new! Not for me, serial number 85 used by Doyle Bramhall II! Looking for 750 or trades on other boutique high end pedals let me know what you have!
  12. Sold Items
    Looking for 350 each, the preacher is a killer Diaz style fuzz and the undertaker is one of the best treble booster on the market would be willing to trade +/- cash for cool pedals, let me know what you have!
  13. Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    A true bypass pedal, and based on the Colorsound fuzz circuit (with a modern voicing) the Lucky No. 13 has simple operation (footswitch and volume control), but many sounds accessible from a guitar’s volume control. Of course, you can control the EQ of the tone from both guitar and amplifier...
  14. Sold Items
    Huge fuzzy tones or creamy overdriven tones and loads of tone-sculpting options in between. An awesome muff style fuzz pedal. Is in great condition, couple of minor scratches. 150$ OBO
  15. Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    So a while ago, I decided to seriously try to get into fuzz. Eventually came upon the King Tone MiniFuzz (which is now gone) and the Chasetone Fuzz Fella (which I kept). Before I sold the king Tone, I thought it might be cool to make a video comparing the two and also running my iridium through...
  16. Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    OVERVIEW: Bloodbuzz is one of the more diverse pedals, with a fuzz and overdrive combination that can be setup in different ways within itself and with other gear. The wide-ranging gains, tones and voices allow for extensive diversity, while sound from both sides are well-defined, detailed and...
  17. Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    Hi all I’m new here. Session guitarist. I’m currently running a early built Victoria Bassman, stero into a Allen Accomplice Jr, built by Allen sold by @fogdart. i’m going to either be using my 69 SG special all original or my 59 Jason smith Masterbuilt Strat directly into the fuzz, into——...
  18. Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    Anyone heard of/ have experience with StonegateFX? (Toronto) Saw an ad up on Kijiji for a fuzz, found this: StonegateFx
  19. Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself in this thread; as I am a big fan guitar pedals. Specifically budget pedals from Joyo, Caline, Mosky, Outlaw fx, Ammoon, Tomsline, Aroma, NUx, Zoom, Eno, Behringer and more. I play bass on a ESP 6 string with Radial and Sansamp preamps, my tube-works...
  20. Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    So I haven't been seriously jonesing for any gear for almost a year. Just been playing to my heart's content. I've even pared down my pedalboard substantially after discovering amp dirt that I really love. Then some genius has to go and develop this: This ticks so many boxes for me. I...
1-20 of 21 Results