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  1. Electric Guitar
    Hey guys! This time I decided to make a little lesson on 5 classic funk guitar riffs and I hope this video can be useful for some of you. I'm also attaching the TABs here for anyone who may be interested. Feedback and comments are highly appreciated! Thank you and have a great day :)
  2. Bass
    Hey guys! I'm really interested in studying electric bass in Canada. So I wanted to ask you where to do get my degree. Until now I've only heard about Humber College of Music that offers a Jazz program but I hope to get some more options from you guys. Thanks!
  3. The Band Lounge (Members Wanted, Performance Vids)
    Hey folks, Looking for some folks. to get together and jam, maybe form a 4/4+ piece outfit. The unifying mission is a Prince cover band, or maybe just a funk group. I'm really cool on either. Currently looking for 1) bassist - Funky 2) drummer - definitely funky 3) vocalist, perhaps? 4) any...
  4. The Band Lounge (Members Wanted, Performance Vids)
    Genre unknown.
1-4 of 4 Results