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  1. Recording and PA Lounge
    This plugin allows you to build your own custom effects with the emphasis being mainly on distortion and tone shaping along with other useful effects. This is free and open source for Mac, Windows, Linux and IOS. Here are two demos:
  2. Acoustic Guitar
    Just added a new tab to the website and thought you might like to check it out. It is called "Silver Heels" and originally was a piano ragtime piece but was also played by Fred Van Eps on banjo in 1905 (Van Eps version is on YouTube). This guitar arrangement is by Johnson Hogg (he originally...
  3. Theory and Technique
    There are a few pages of freely downloadable TablEdit format (.tef) acoustic guitar fingerstyle tablatures available at the following website: Acoustic Guitar Tablature (Tab / Tabs) & Midi - Downloads Page Hopefully you will find something which catches your imagination and which you will...
1-3 of 3 Results